BREAKING: Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake Censured by Arizona GOP Party

Cindy McCain the widow of former Arizona Senator John McCain and Senator Jeff Flake have been censured by the Arizona Republican party, along with Gov. Doug Ducey.

Per AZ Central “the party censured Ducey over his decision to impose emergency rules during the pandemic that the GOP said “restrict personal liberties and force compliance to unconstitutional edicts.”

McCain, who endorsed President Joe Biden, “has supported globalist policies and candidates” and “condemned President Trump for his criticism of her husband and erroneously placed behaviors over actual presidential results.”

Flake has “condemned the Republican Party, rejected populism, and rejected the interests of the American people over globalist interests.” The party suggested Flake join the Democrats.”

Ducey’s political director Sara Mueller said in response to the action “these resolutions are of no consequence whatsoever, and the people behind them have lost whatever little moral authority they may have once had.”

Jeff Flake responded by tweeting a photo of the 3 and writing “Good company.”

Meanwhile, Kelli Ward, an avid supporter of Trump, won another two-year term as chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party.