BREAKING: China Banishes U.S. Journalists from 3 Major Publications

China has banished U.S. journalists from the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and Washington Post.

Senator Tom Cotton tweeted:

The Chinese Communist Party stays in power by restricting access to information. It’s no surprise that a free press—particularly one reporting on China’s terrible response to the Wuhan coronavirus—has threatened CCP enough to be expelled from their shores.

Melissa Chan tweeted:

China appears to be kicking out ALL American reporters for NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post. Including those in Hong Kong (no longer two systems eh?) HT @kemc and to quote @niubi: “holy shit”

On Hong Kong — 今后不得在中华人民共和国,包括香港. Two things: 1) Beijing clearly co-opting and speaking on behalf of the government of Hong Kong, violating “one country, two systems”? 2) Not sure if this includes NYT/WSJ/WaPo American reporters already in Hong Kong.

“The US government has placed unwarranted restrictions on Chinese media agencies and personnel in the US.” A quick reminder that in China, foreign reporters are surveilled, chased, and detained — I’ve had all three happen to me. English version:

Per the WSJ, China said it would revoke the press credentials of Americans working for three major U.S. newspapers in the largest expulsion of foreign journalists in the post-Mao era, amid an escalating battle with the Trump administration over media operating in the two countries.

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