BREAKING: Chiefs Come Back from Behind to Win Thrilling Super Bowl!

Moments ago the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in a thrilling super bowl.

The final score was 31-20.

Led by QB Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs overcame a 10 point deficit to engineer a stunning comeback.

This 38 yard touchdown by Damien Williams was the icing on the cake that put the Chiefs up 31-20.



This was the go-ahead touchdown that put the Chiefs ahead 24-20.

This was a key sack on 4th down and 10 when the 49ers still had a chance.

The nail in the coffin!

Here are some fo the tweets from Chiefs fans celebrating their big win.

Per TCO, Super bowl champion Patrick Mahomes is not your average NFLer.

Mahomes is a man of Christian faith who spends a lot of his free time helping charities, including one that helps homeless veterans.

Per Beliefnet, Patrick Mahomes is a man of faith.

Mahomes has relied on God throughout his football career and isn’t afraid to share Christ with others.

His family couldn’t be prouder of his faith in Christ!

When Mahomes was playing at Texas Tech, his mother was interviewed by IN Magazine. At the time, she talked about her son’s strong faith in God.

“In middle school, he got real involved with his youth group,” Randi told IN Magazine. “He got saved. There was a night at church, he had his hands raised to the Lord and he was singing. I just felt overcome with this most awesome moment, more than any football game, because I knew where his heart truly is.”

Mahomes used social media as a platform to share his faith with his Twitter followers.

He has also used his social media to encourage prayer for teammates. Following former Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith’s season-ending injury, he called on his fans to pray for him in a special way.

As Mahomes has gained attention and notoriety, his mother continues to encourage him to trust in God and his faith in Him.

“I want him to stay humble; That means a lot to me,” Martin shared in an interview with KSHB Kansas City. “I always encourage him to pray and to thank God for his blessings that he has and his abilities.”

Per Fox News “In the fall of last year, the foundation held its inaugural gala, raising a total of $225,000 for 15 different Kansas City youth programs,” reported Lahren.

“But he wasn’t done yet,” she added. “Besides his youth charity work, Mahomes works with veterans’ groups to give back to those who have fought and sacrificed, protecting and defending our country.”

Mahomes volunteered with Veterans Community Project, which is an organization based in Kansas City that supports homeless veterans. The Texas native reportedly helped build more than a dozen tiny homes for needy vets in 2018.

“He doesn’t just donate money either. He isn’t afraid to get out there and get his hands dirty — building transitional homes for our nation’s veterans, struggling to get back on their feet.”

“They give so much for us to be able to be where we are and be able to live the life that we live,” said Mahomes in October 2018 in a video posted to Twitter. “For us to give back to them and give them somewhere where they can come back home and have a stable home and have a stable place for them to stay and live life is something that makes the least of what we could do for them.”

“There are so many athletes, celebrities, politicians and public figures out there running their mouths, doing drugs, breaking the law and using their money and fame as an excuse and a pass,” said Lahren. “So it’s so refreshing to see a guy like Mahomes, who’s not only an amazing and gifted athlete but a truly decent and generous human being.”

“We need more men out there like Patrick Mahomes,” she concluded.