BREAKING: Chicago Police Growing Angrier Over Smollett, Foxx Scandal!

According to new reports, Chicago police officials are growing angrier at Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx for her handling of the now-infamous Jussie Smollett case, with reports indicating that police organizations have begun increasing pressure in recent days.

Foxx has drawn national scrutiny, as well as fierce condemnation from Chicago police, after charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett were mysteriously dropped under questionable circumstances.

Newly-obtained information from a letter sent by North Suburban Association of Chiefs of Police President, Duane Mellema, to Foxx, in which Mellema condemns Foxx for a “lack of respect” for law enforcement.

In the letter, Mellema condemned Foxx, calling her handling of the Smollett case “the latest, and most egregious example of the failure by you, and your staff, to hold offenders accountable.”

Smollett faced serious charges after having been arrested for allegedly reporting a false hate crime – a case which drew national attention and continues to capture the attention of the press.

From CWB Chicago:

New details are out this morning about the specific issues that suburban police chiefs are going to raise today as they express “no confidence” in the performance of Kim Foxx as Cook County State’s Attorney.

CWBChicago reported last night that the North Suburban Association of Chiefs of Police had sent Foxx a “no-confidence” letter and the group would be participating in a press conference with the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police to announce their concerns this afternoon. Groups representing the south and west suburban police chiefs have also drawn up similar letters and will attend the press conference, according to reports. A Chicago FOP spokesperson Wednesday denied that a “no confidence” posture would be the topic of this afternoon’s press event.

This morning, CWBChicago has secured a full copy of the letter sent to Foxx by North Suburban Association of Chiefs of Police President Duane Mellema, who serves as Deputy Police Chief in Park Ridge.

Mellema’s letter calls Foxx’s handling of the Jessie Smollett hate crime hoax case “the latest and most egregious example of the failure by you and your staff to hold offenders accountable.”

“The Chicago Police Department worked in excess of 1,700 hours investigating the false claim of a hate crime. They diverted significant resources, and a substantial portion of a limited overtime budget to build this case with your staff,” Mellema wrote on behalf of the group. “To have the charges dismissed with no explanation and a sealed court file shows a lack of respect for the professionals you work with.”

The letter also takes issue with hurdles that front line officers must navigate to win approval of felony charges under Foxx as well as Foxx’s refusal to pursue charges in many shoplifting and cannabis cases.

In closing, Mellema wrote, “It is because of our solemn responsibility that the Police Executives in our organization have considered and passed a vote of no confidence in your performance of your duties as Cook County State’s Attorney.”