BREAKING: CBP Reveals Over 130,000 Illegals Apprehended in May

On Wednesday, CBP released new data indicating that the crisis at the US southern border is continuing to worsen exponentially, with apprehensions of illegal aliens during the month of may reaching over 130,000.

Customs and Border Patrol’s social media account shared the startling numbers, explaining that a 32% increase of apprehensions from last month highlights the ever-growing need to increased border security.

During each month of March, April, and May of 2019, law enforcement has apprehended at least 100,000 illegal aliens, with both state and federal agencies repeatedly begging lawmakers for help.

Despite the rising numbers of illegal entries into the US, and officials’ continued requests for assistance dealing with overpopulation in detention centers and other issues, Democrats have refused to acknowledge the issue, claiming it is “manufactured” for political purposes.

Social media commenters reacted with outrage and frustration, with many placing the blame directly on Democrats, who continue their refusal to address the issue.