BREAKING: Brazil official who met with Trump has tested positive for coronavirus, Trump comments

USAToday reports a senior adviser to President Jair Bolsonaro tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Brazil media reported, just five days after he was among a group of officials who met with President Donald Trump.

Fabio Wajngarten is Bolsonaro’s communications secretary and he posted a photo of himself standing next to the U.S. president at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida on Saturday. The development was reported by Brazil’s Globo TV and other outlets.

The White House said Wednesday that Trump has not been tested for coronavirus. He has been in contact with several lawmakers who have self-quarantined because they were in contact with people who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Trump has indicated he isn’t making changes to his routine because of the virus.

Brazilian media reported that Bolsonaro was also being tested for the virus Thursday.

Per ABCNews, President Donald Trump on Thursday did not respond to multiple shouted questions in the Oval Office about whether it’s being reconsidered that he get tested for coronavirus after reports a Brazilian official he met last weekend had tested positive.

But he did say he is “not concerned” as he awaits an update on the test results from Brazil concerning a press aide to Brazil’s president who attended a dinner with Trump at his Florida resort.

“I did hear something about that,” Trump said when asked about Jair Bolsonaro himself being tested.