BREAKING: Boris Johnson and Conservatives Set to Win Clear Majority in U.K., Per Exit Polls

Exit polls indicate Boris Johnson and the conservative party is set to win a clear majority in the U.K.

This monumental win would clear the way for Brexit to become official at the end of January 2020.

Piers Morgan “BREAKING: Exit Poll reveals massive win for Boris Johnson.”

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Boris Johnson looked set Thursday to stay on as prime minister and win a huge majority in the British Parliament, according to an exit poll published as voting closed in what has been called the most important election in a generation.

Johnson’s ruling Conservative Party was predicted to win 368 seats in the House of Commons, an increase on the 298 it held going into the election, according to a poll released just after 10 p.m. local time (5 p.m. ET) Thursday. There are 650 seats in the Commons and a party needs to have at least half to command a majority.

If the poll reflects the final results, the United Kingdom is all but certain to finally leave the European Union on Jan. 31, more than three and a half years after the Brexit referendum in 2016. A divided and deadlocked Parliament had previously blocked Johnson’s withdrawal deal multiple times, prompting this election.

If he wins the commanding majority that the exit poll predicted, Johnson will visit Queen Elizabeth II to be invited to form the next government, a constitutional formality. Johnson is the 14th prime minister since the queen took the throne in 1952 — the first was Winston Churchill.

Johnson’s Conservative bested the opposition Labour Party, which stood on a socialist platform to curb the power and influence of big business in favor of workers’ rights and was predicted to win just 191 seats, way below the numbers needed to form a government outright.

Labour has for weeks been behind the Conservatives in opinion polls, while its leader Jeremy Corbyn has a more unfavorable personal rating than Johnson and is disliked in some traditional Labour heartlands.

Per Dailymail, Boris Johnson hailed his new blue-collar Tory army today as it emerged he is on track to secure a staggering landslide in the election battle – with Labour’s ‘red wall’ of Brexit-backing strongholds imploding.

A dramatic exit poll shows voters handing the Tories a massive 368 seats in the first December election for nearly a century, with Labour languishing on 191 – down 71 on 2017.

The bombshell numbers would give a huge Commons majority of 86, the biggest since Margaret Thatcher’s triumph in 1987, and are equivalent to a 10-point lead in the popular vote.

By contrast Jeremy Corbyn looks to have stewarded the party to its worst performance since 1935 – despite his allies claiming earlier that high turnout might have helped him pull off a surprise.

Early results bore out the extraordinary findings, with the Tories overturning an 8,000 majority to rip the former mining area of Blythe Valley from Labour’s grip for the first time ever. The party’s candidate won by 700 votes after securing an incredible 10.2 per cent swing.

There were also enormous movements from Labour to the Conservatives in Houghton & Sunderland South, and Newcastle Upon-Tyne Central – although the party held on.

The exit poll sparked scenes of jubilation in CCHQ, with staff singing and dancing following a month of brutal political struggle as Mr Corbyn tried desperately to sell his hard-Left agenda to the UK public.

The SNP are predicted to get 55 MPs – approaching a clean sweep in Scotland – and the Lib Dems have effectively stalled on 13 after a dismal all-out Remain campaign by leader Jo Swinson – who might now lose her own East Dunbartonshire seat.

Without explicitly claiming victory this evening, Mr Johnson tweeted a ‘thank you’ to ‘everyone across our great country who voted, who volunteered, who stood as candidates’.

Posting a picture of himself with workers carrying a ‘we love Boris’ sign, he said: ‘We live in the greatest democracy in the world.’

But for Mr Corbyn his dream of a socialist Britain is now in ruins, with his time in charge of the party surely coming crashing to an end.

If confirmed, it would be worse than the showing by his hero Michael Foot, who was famously put to the sword by Margaret Thatcher with just 209 seat in 1983.

Left-wing stalwarts including the ‘Beast of Bolsover’ Dennis Skinner are set to be humiliatingly ejected as Mr Johnson effectively redraws the political map – flipping huge swathes of the country from deep red to Tory blue.

In an extraordinary piece of understatement, an ashen-faced shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the result was ‘disappointing’ and blamed it on Brexit. ‘I thought it would be closer,’ he said.

‘The poll itself, I think it looks as though it’s Brexit dominated, a lot of this I think was Brexit fatigue, people just wanted it over and done with and it put Labour in a very difficult position.’

But other Labour moderates were jubilant, with one source who had expected a narrow result telling MailOnline: ‘Never been so pleased to be wrong.’ Former Labour MPs said the ‘Great Leader’ should immediately resign along with his hard-Left clique.

Dame Margaret Hodge, who repeatedly condemned Mr Corbyn over anti-Semitism that has been rampant in Labour since he took charge, said: ‘This is the utter failure of Corbyn & Corbynism. There is no other way of looking at it.’

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