BREAKING: Border Patrol Plans to Fly Illegals to California, Transfer Them to ICE

Recently, the US Border Patrol announced that it will now fly detained illegal aliens from Texas to the San Diego region to be processed, with as many as three flights of migrants per week.

“We don’t have an end date,” said Border Patrol official Douglas Harrison, noting, “This is a contingency operation, we’ve got to give the people in Rio Grande Valley some relief.”

Border Patrol officials confirmed that between 120 to 135 individuals will be on each flight, with as many as three flights departing weekly.

Per Brandon Lewis “Border Patrol will process them at one of their 8 stations in San Diego then transfer them to ICE, who may release or detain them pending court proceedings. Unknown if they could be returned to Mexico temporarily under MPP.”

Federal and state law enforcement officials have repeatedly sought assistance from US lawmakers regarding the crisis at the southern border, citing the exponentially growing numbers of detained illegals that have stressed detention facilities to their limits.

While most Democrats continue to deny a crisis exists, authorities have reported detaining over 100,000 illegal aliens in both March and April, putting the US on pace for over one million illegals each year.