BREAKING: Boebert enrages Dems with Christmas family photo holding guns

Rep. Lauren Boebert enraged Democrats with her own Christmas family photo holding guns, following a similar photo by Rep. Thomas Massie.

“The Boeberts have your six, @RepThomasMassie!” Boebert wrote

“(No spare ammo for you, though),” she added.

This was the viral photo Massie shared.

Democrats immediately spoke out against Boebert, with many unhappy with her choice.

“I really don’t believe that Christ would approve of this.”


“You lot have no shame. Karma has its ways. Playing with emotions of parents who’s kids have been shot dead and murdered will not bring good karma.”

“That look so dangerous and scarey, im surprised twitter allowed this”

“same energy”

Meanwhile, Republican Lavern Spicer loved the tweet, writing “THIS IS WHAT AMERICA MEANS TO ME!”