BREAKING: Bloomberg rolls out plan to make Puerto Rico the 51st state

If Michael Bloomberg is President, the song “Fifty Nifty United States” will no longer be accurate.

Bloomberg has announced his support for Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state in the nation.

Bloomberg also notes even if a bill was passed to make Puerto Rico the 51st state, they would have to agree and make the “ultimate decision.”

ABC News reports breaking with many of his fellow 2020 contenders, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is announcing his support for Puerto Rico becoming the nation’s 51st state.

It’s in keeping with the strategy he’s employed thus far in his late bid: targeting delegate-rich states and territories and skipping the first four early states altogether. Puerto Rico has 51 pledged Democratic delegates.

He announced his stance in an Orlando Sentinel op-ed on Monday, alongside his plan for Puerto Rico’s economic development.

“For decades, Puerto Ricans and their interests have been ignored by Washington,” Bloomberg wrote. “And there’s a simple reason why: They don’t have a vote in Congress. And so politicians don’t have to care how they feel… There’s a clear solution to this challenge that a majority of Puerto Ricans support. Most presidential candidates for president have been too afraid to back it. Not me. I’ll state it clearly: I support statehood for Puerto Rico. And as president, I will work to pass a bill making it a reality, subject to approval by the people of Puerto Rico – who will make the ultimate decision.”