BREAKING: Black Trump Supporter ATTACKED for Wearing MAGA Hat

According to new reports, a black Trump supporter and legal immigrant from Togo living in Maryland claims to have been attacked over the weekend by two men in his neighborhood over his “Make America Great Again” hat, who he beat him and then stole his cellphone.

A spokesperson for the Montgomery County Police Department said the victim “who was wearing a red, ‘Make America Great Again hat,’ was approached by two men who began harassing the victim, and asking why he was wearing the MAGA hat.”

“The victim told the suspects that he was entitled to his own views, and kept walking away from the suspects,” said the spokesperson, who said “The suspects began striking the victim, and telling him to take the hat off.”

“The victim continued to be struck by the suspects until he fell to the ground” the spokesperson added. “The suspects then removed property from the victim, and destroyed items of value. The suspects then fled the scene.”

Police arrested a 27-year-old and 25-year-old in connection to the alleged assault, charging both men with a series of crimes in relation to the case.