BREAKING: Pelosi Issues Statement After April’s Booming Jobs Report

In an official statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a dour response to the recent news of President Trump’s booming economy, attempting to cast a grim shadow over the president’s successful economic policies ahead of the 2020 election.

Despite numbers for April indicating remarkable economic progress, including the vast creation of new jobs, rising wages, and declining unemployment, Pelosi and Democrats continue to criticize Trump’s presidency – including the soaring US economy.

Pelosi, who has opposed Trump since taking control of the House in the 2018 midterms, said the numbers “hide the true weight of the economic uncertainty felt by millions of hard-working Americans,” while alleging the policies “benefit those already well-off.”

The House Speaker went on to attack Republicans for what she said was a focus on “shameful special interest agenda” in regards to economic policy and health care.

From House Speaker Pelosi:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Department of Labor issued its April jobs report:

“The April jobs report numbers show some promising news, yet these gains hide the true weight of the economic uncertainty felt by millions of hard-working Americans.  Unfortunately, the evidence shows that most of the economic gains continue to benefit those already well-off.  We must do more to ensure that the economy is benefiting every family in every community, and that all Americans have the opportunity to move ahead in our economy.

“Republicans’ shameful special interest agenda continues to undermine the health and financial security of middle class families across the country.  This week, two years after House Republicans celebrated their vote to pass the outrageous Trumpcare bill, we still see the devastating impact of the GOP’s continuing health care sabotage.  As the Administration continues its monstrous legal campaign to destroy pre-existing condition protections and every benefit provided by the Affordable Care Act, House Democrats are working on taking decisive action to lower health costs and prescription drug prices and safeguard access to quality, affordable health care for all.

“To strengthen economic growth and fulfill Democrats’ promise to deliver progress For The People, we must advance a bold, historic infrastructure plan.  Moving forward with urgency and innovative, thoughtful leadership, we will rebuild America in a green, modern and job-creating way, so we can pave the way for progress for all families, in all communities for generations to come.”