BREAKING: Biden will push another recovery bill on top of the passed $1.9T package

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed that that $1.9 trillion dollar relief package will likely not be the last.

“When the president advocated for the American Rescue Plan, he talked about this being two stages: rescue then recovery,” Psaki said. “What the American people will hear from him this week, is part of his plan, the first step of his plan toward recovery which will include an investment in infrastructure.”

“He’s going to have more to say later in April about the second part of his recovery plan, which will include a number of the pieces you talked about,” she continued.  “health care, child care, addressing that. It’s a crisis right now, the number of women who have left the workplace. The total package, we’re still working out.”

Psaki clarified the “second part” of the recovery plan is separate from the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan.