BREAKING: Biden supports changing filibuster rules in Senate to stop McConnell from obstruction

In a new interview Tuesday, President Biden said  he is in favor of overhauling the filibuster rules that could help Democrats prevent obstruction of their agenda.

“You have to do what it used to be when I first got to the Senate, back in the old days. You had to stand up and command the floor, you had to keep talking … so you’ve got to work for the filibuster,” Biden said.

“It’s getting to the point where, you know, democracy is having a hard time functioning,” he also said.

Per Fox News “Biden did not call for an elimination of the action– he doesn’t have the support in the Senate even if he did– but he sided with lawmakers seen as moderates who want changes to some of the rules.”

“Biden was interviewed by ABC News and signaled that he wants to bring back the “talking filibuster,” which has been supported by a number of Democrats,” the report adds.