BREAKING: Biden Set for Humiliating Finish in NH, Could Be Near the End for Him

With 76% of results having been reported, Joe Biden is set for a humiliating finish.

Once considered a frontrunner, Biden will most likely finish a distant 5th place.

Bernie narrowly edged Buttigieg, with Klobuchar storming up the ranks to an impressive 3rd place.

Elizabeth Warren continues her precipitous downward trajectory and will finish in 4th.

Even worse for Biden, according to exit polls, Biden will not even win Non-White voters, which he has boasted he will win.

The exit polls gave Bernie Sanders 29% of the non-white vote vs. Biden’s 20% and Buttigieg’s 15%.

Once considered a state where he might earn a landslide win, Biden is now trailing Bernie in the PredictIt prediction market in South Carolina, which could be his last stand.

With weak finances compared to other candidates and billionaire Bloomberg having unlimited funds to spend for Super Tuesday, anything less than a big win in South Carolina would likely mean the end of the road for Biden.

Biden, perhaps seeing the writing on the wall in New Hampshire, cancelled his remaining NH events and left for South Carolina earlier in the day.