BREAKING: Bette Midler Tweets Bizarre “Poem” She Wrote About Lindsey Graham

Saturday, Hollywood star and frequent Trump critic Bette Midler tweeted a bizarre poem she apparently wrote for Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

In the poem, the name is changed to “Linseedy Gram.”

The tweet went viral, with over 14k “likes.”

The poem:

Linseedy Gram calls women “Ma’am”
That Southern shit is such a sham
For you, he doesn’t give a damn.
And what a Diva! What a ham!
O, Lord, forgive this little slam
He desecrates my uncle, Sam.

This isn’t the first bizarre political “poem” Midler has written. August, she dedicated one to Melania and referred to President Trump’s private parts.

The responses to Midler’s new poem about Graham were mixed.

Georgia responded “We say grace, we say ma’am, if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn.”

Lynn Reichhardt responded:

Can’t stand the man but in defense of the South, my grandchildren were taught to say yes ma’am when they started talking. They are teenagers now and even say it to me.

Tammy responded “There’s a real gentleman running against him. @harrisonjaime . I think he has an excellent chance at taking over the Sen. seat.”


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