BREAKING: Beto Calls on Trump to Resign Over Ukraine Controversy

Struggling 2020 Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke is calling on President Trump to resign amid controversy and possible impeachment proceedings.

Thursday, Beto said during an interview “I’m calling upon those who are close to President Trump right now… to advise him to do the right thing and to resign from this office.”

Saturday, Beto went further during the Texas Tribune festival and called Trump’s resignation “the single best thing to bring the country together.”

“The single best thing to bring the country together would be Donald Trump’s resignation — much in the same way that President [Richard] Nixon as his high crimes became public…he made a decison — ultimately in his best interests for his legacy and the consequences he faced — but also for this country, to ensure we could heal and unify again ”


Beto is currently trailing rivals Biden and Warren greatly and only has 2.5% support according to the latest RCP polling average.

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