BREAKING: Bernie Raises Staggering $46 Million Haul in February

While Joe Biden hopes to use his South Carolina primary win as a springboard to compete with Bernie Sanders, he’s going to be operating a a major disadvantage in funding.

According to a new report from the Hill, Sanders raised a staggering $46 million from roughly 2.2 million donations in February.

Per the NY Times, one of Mr. Biden’s biggest problems is that he is sorely outmatched when it comes to money. He entered February with just over $7 million on hand, less than half of what Mr. Sanders had, and he cannot keep pace with Mr. Bloomberg and another billionaire in the race, Tom Steyer.

That financial disadvantage has ramifications both for television advertising and for staffing: Multiple North Carolina Democrats, for example, said they knew of only one Biden campaign staff member in the state. Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign, by comparison, said it had more than 125 staff members there. The Biden team said it had a staff “in the double digits” in North Carolina.

In California, Mr. Bloomberg has 24 offices and more than 300 staff members, while Mr. Sanders has 23 offices and just over 100 staff members, according to their campaigns. The Biden office in East Los Angeles is the only one in the state, and his campaign declined to say how many staff members it had on the ground.

The Hill reports Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) raised more than $46 million from approximately 2.2 million donations in February, his 2020 presidential campaign announced Sunday.

The haul, which came during a month in which Sanders cemented himself as the front-runner to win the Democratic nomination, represents the best fundraising month of Sanders’s campaign.

The previous high came in January, when the campaign reeled in $25 million from more than 648,000 people. In total, Sanders has raised more than $167 million, far outpacing the other Democratic candidates.

The Sanders campaign said that it raised more than $4.5 million on Saturday alone, making it the best fundraising day since the Vermont senator launched his presidential bid in February 2019. The campaign added that more than 350,000 people donated to his campaign for the first time last month.

“The senator’s multigenerational, multiracial working class coalition keeps fueling his campaign for transformational change a few bucks at a time,” Sanders’s campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, said in a statement. “We’re especially proud that of the more than 2 million donations we received this month, over 1.4 million were from voters in states that vote on Super Tuesday.”

The February haul came as the Sanders campaign announced that it would make another slate of television ad buys in states with primaries between March 10 and March 17 including . The states include Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi Missouri, Washington Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio.

Sanders finished February as the nominal favorite to win the Democratic nomination, after victories in New Hampshire and Nevada and a virtual tie with former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg in Iowa.

He finished in second in South Carolina on Saturday, though, earning far less support than former Vice President Joe Biden.