BREAKING: Bernie Dominates Rivals in First Iowa Satellite Caucus

Bernie Sanders has dominated the first round of Des Moines satellite caucus.

Per Brianna Westbrook:

First Round of Des Moines satellite caucus!

Sanders 60.6%
Warren 21.1%
Buttigieg 11.3%
Yang 4.2%
Klobuchar 1.4%
Source: @MSNBC

After realignment, here are your results in the final round of the Drake University Satellite .

Sanders 67.7%
Warren 32.4%

Iowastartingline reports Bernie Sanders won the first contest in the state with the noon satellite caucus at a union hall in Ottumwa. He had support from 14 of the 15 people gathered there, mostly plant workers that included refugees. The lone Elizabeth Warren supporter decided not to realign and left.

At the Cedar Rapids Public Library, Sanders had the most in the room again, with support from nine caucus-goers. Five candidates had support after the first alignment. Andrew Yang, who only had one supporter, wasn’t viable, and moved to Warren’s group.

That Cedar Rapids’ site ended with nine Sanders members, while Warren had six people in her group, Pete Buttigieg had five and Joe Biden had four.

“It was pretty good. I had hoped to see more, but it was good,” said Jill Martinez, a Warren supporter.

She was happy with the satellite caucus because it gave her a chance to participate.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to vote tonight because I have to work,” Martinez said. “I was very anxious between when they announced the virtual caucus wouldn’t happen and the announcement of the satellites.”

Daniel Cosman was there with with his son, Cory. Both supported Sanders.

“We didn’t want to wait forever tonight. And we wanted to have our voices heard,” Daniel Cosman said. “Because last time we didn’t think they were.”