BREAKING: Baltimore Columbus Statue Taken Down, Pieces Thrown in Harbor

A stunning video shared by Louis Krauss shows protesters taking down a Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore’s Little Italy.

The statue is pulled down and then cracked to pieces.

The mob of protesters cheers as this takes place.

The pieces of the statue were then reportedly dumped into the harbor.


Per CNN, Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott said said in a statement he had previously suggested the statue be removed, according to WBAL.

“I support Baltimore’s Italian-American community and Baltimore’s indigenous community,” the statement said. “I cannot, however, support Columbus.”

BaltimoreBrew reports a crowd of about 250 people chanting “No justice, no peace” descended on Baltimore’s Columbus Piazza tonight, transforming the area from a July 4th Inner Harbor tourist scene to the latest site of mass protest.

Their target: the monument to Christopher Columbus dedicated 36 years ago on President Street, facing Little Italy.

“This statue is a monument to hatred!” a group leader said, speaking through a bullhorn, as people attached straps and chains to the 14-foot, two-inch-high, white Carrara marble statue.

Baltimore police were present but stayed in the background, doing nothing to stop the process. The two security guards that have been patrolling the statue area, hired by a member of the Associated Italian American Charities of Maryland, were quickly overwhelmed.

Activist groups had warned on social media that the city’s Columbus statue was being targeted, part of the nationwide reckoning with racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Statue supporters from the Italian-American community had asked Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young to remove the statue so it could be relocated. But Young refused and their relocation discussions were for naught.

“Hey, hey, ho ho, this racist guy has got to go!” the crowd chanted.

“Pull from the top!” some yelled when the statue refused to budge.

“Get his head,” someone else advised, and some adjustments were made.

“Pull! Pull!” the crowd chanted, as about two dozen people gripping the ropes did just that.

The statue quickly crashed down to the ground, breaking into several pieces.

As the crowd cheered, people dragged the navigator’s torso, head and other pieces to the Jones Falls and, one by one, heaved them into the water with a splash.