BREAKING: Arkansas State Senator announces he’s leaving the Republican party

State Senator Jim Hendren of Arkansas has released a video announcing he is leaving the Republican Party.

Hendren says the U.S. Capitol riot was the “last straw.”

He says in the announcement “this comes after many sleepless nights; a lot of serious consideration; and it comes with sadness and disappointment.”

“But it’s clear-eyed,” he continued “I’m making this decision because my commitment to our state and our country is greater than loyalty to any political party.”

Referencing former President Trump without saying his name, Hendren said “I watched the encouragement of the worst voices of racism, nationalism, and violence. And I watched my service, and the service of my fellow soldiers, dishonored with the ridicule of a gold star family whose son had served with distinction.”

Hendren says he will continue to serve the state as an Independent.