BREAKING: April Ryan Says Sarah Sanders Lied, Demands She Be Fired

Moments ago, CNN’s April Ryan accused White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders of lying and demanded she be fired.

April Ryan famously started the conspiracy theory #PieGate where she also accused Sarah Sanders of lying about the pie she baked for Thanksgiving.

From FoxNews

CNN political analyst April Ryan called for the firing of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Thursday, claiming Sanders “lied” to the media following the release of the Mueller report.

In May 2017, following the turbulent firing of FBI Director James Comey, Sanders told reporters that “countless” FBI agents had lost confidence in Comey despite one reporter’s assertion that the “vast majority” of them supported his leadership. According to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, Sanders told investigators her claim was a “slip of the tongue” and was “in the heat of the moment,” admitting that it was not founded on anything.

Ryan, who is also a White House reporter for the American Urban Radio Networks, blasted the press secretary on Thursday night for “lying” to the American people.