BREAKING: AOC wins by blowout, proclaims the “people’s movement in NY” is “a mandate”

Media sensation Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez successfully fended off primary challenger Michelle Caruso-Cabrera by a large margin Tuesday night.

AOC then tweeted the following bold statement:

When I won in 2018, many dismissed our victory as a “fluke.”

Our win was treated as an aberration, or bc my opponent “didn’t try.”

So from the start, tonight’s race was important to me.

Tonight we are proving that the people’s movement in NY isn’t an accident. It‘s a mandate.

AOC later  tweeted the following victory video, writing:

Wall Street CEOs, from Goldman Sachs to Blackstone, poured in millions to defeat our grassroots campaign tonight.

But their money couldn’t buy a movement.

Thank you , and every person who pitched in for tonight’s victory.

Here’s to speaking truth to power.

Earlier, Ocasio-Cortez thanked her volunteers.

volunteers made over 56,000 calls to NY14 TODAY. As in ONE DAY.

That’s shattered all our previous one-day records.

For everyone who has put in time to support, volunteer, or contribute – I cannot thank you enough.