BREAKING: AOC and Tlaib Team Up to Sign “Impeachment Resolution” Against Trump

Moments ago, controversial freshman lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that she will team up with her friend Rashida Tlaib in signing a “impeachment resolution” against President Trump.

AOC wrote “Mueller’s report is clear in pointing to Congress’ responsibility in investigating obstruction of justice by the President.

It is our job as outlined in Article 1, Sec 2, Clause 5 of the US Constitution.

As such, I’ll be signing onto @RashidaTlaib’s impeachment resolution.”

AOC adds in subsequent tweets

“While I understand the political reality of the Senate + election considerations, upon reading this DoJ report, which explicitly names Congress in determining obstruction, I cannot see a reason for us to abdicate from our constitutionally mandated responsibility to investigate.

Many know I take no pleasure in discussions of impeachment. I didn’t campaign on it, & rarely discuss it unprompted. We all prefer working on our priorities: pushing Medicare for All, tackling student loans, & a Green New Deal. But the report squarely puts this on our doorstep.”

AOC’s bold move was quickly met with conservatives mocking her initiative.

Mark Dice wrote “Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff both admit they can’t impeach Trump so they won’t even try. It’s only complete morons like AOC and her band of freshman buffoons who keep dreaming. hahaha”

Earlier in the day, Attorney General William Barr held a press conference today before the the Mueller Report release where he made it clear that there was no collusion and no obstruction by President Trump.

PBS reported that Barr says Mueller did not reach a “prosecutorial judgment” and that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein concluded the evidence was not sufficient to establish the president committed an offense.

Watch the video: