BREAKING: Anti-Gun Group Brady Campaign Endorses Biden for President

The anti-gun group  “the Brady Campaign” has endorsed Joe Biden for President.

The group made the announcement via Twitter, writing:

t’s official — we’re on #TeamJoe. We are proud to announce that we are endorsing gun safety champion @JoeBiden

This is only our second time endorsing a candidate in a presidential primary. We know he will fight to save lives. #EndGunViolence #GunReformNow

In a separate tweet, the group writes:

Not only was @JoeBiden instrumental in passing the Brady Bill, but he also sponsored the Violence Against Women Act — which @senatemajldr has let expire.

Joe Biden will stand up to the NRA to close the deadly “boyfriend loophole” and save lives.

Biden supporter Alyssa Milano shared the news on her Twitter feed.

After former 2020 candidate Beto O’Rourke introduced Biden in Spanish to the Texas crowd before Super Tuesday, Biden said “You’re gonna take care of the gun problem with me. You’re gonna be the one that leads this effort.  I’m counting on you.”


TheHill reports the anti-gun group the Brady Campaign on Sunday endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden.

The campaign’s president Kris Brown appeared on MSNBC’s “Weekends with Alex Witt” to officially support the former vice president, saying the group has a 30-year history with Biden.

“He’s a leader on this issue that’s unparalleled, and he has a history around our issue of promises kept,” she said. “So we’re so pleased to endorse him today.

“Any of the candidates in the race to be honest, Alex, would be better than the current residence of the White House, but there’s no one better than Joe Biden,” she added.

The Brady Campaign supports Biden’s proposals to address violence against women, close background check loopholes, ban assault weapons and focus on reducing community violence.

“Joe Biden has worked with the gun violence prevention movement, with survivors, and with lawmakers his entire career,” Brown said in a statement. “We know him, and he knows us. We know he will work to deliver this change.”

Biden helped Jim and Sarah Brady pass the Brady Bill in 1998, which implemented the modern background check system.

“I am honored today to have the support of their organization as we redouble our work to end the gun violence epidemic that ravages too many communities across the country,” Biden said in a statement. “I do not accept a world where we cannot stand up and say ‘no more’ to the voices that offer empty words in the aftermath of tragedy, then oppose change and fuel this cycle of carnage.”