BREAKING: Alyssa Milano arrested outside the White House taking part in protest

Moments ago, actress an activist Alyssa Milano tweeted “I was just arrested for demanding the Biden Administration and the Senate to use their mandate to protect voting rights.”

“Stand with me and @peoplefor and tell the Senate and White House that voting rights shouldn’t depend on where you live. #DontMuteOurVote,” she added.

Kai Newkirk tweeted “These 25 brave patriots, including @BenJealous and @Alyssa_Milano, were just arrested outside the White House in nonviolent protest for voting rights. They are calling on President Biden to use his full power to fight for filibuster reform and pass the Freedom to Vote Act now.”

Charles Williams wrote “@Alyssa_Milano and I got arrested today to send a clear cut message pass #votingrightsnow and #endthefilibuster we fight until we win
@NationalAction #NoJusticeNoPeace #goodtrouble”

Prior to getting arrested, Alyssa wrote “I’m about to risk arrest for voting rights.”