BREAKING: Alyssa Milano Angrily Reacts to GOP Blocking Witnesses

Liberal anti-Trump activist Alyssa Milano has reacted angrily to the GOP blocking witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial with a series of tweets.

Milano tweeted:

Witnesses are dead. Not going to happen.

The “removal” will have to happen on Election Day.

Are you ready to work harder than you’ve ever worked before?

Yup. Me too.

We’ve got to show up in massive numbers so the 2020 election is .

Quick congratulations to the @GOP for successfully covering up Trump’s impeachable offenses and setting a dangerous precedent.

And also, congrats for going *against* the 75% of the American people you pretend to represent and care about.

Milano then pivoted to fundraising, tweeting:

We are all upset about the . Take that anger and donate $5 to my . Your money will go directly to the grassroots orgs who will be getting out the vote in three key states we need to win.

Prior to witnesses being shot down today, Milano had been “thanking” each GOP Senator that made a statement in favor of witnesses.

Milano also urged her followers to call their senators.

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