BREAKING: Abbott announces Texas will spend $250 million to build its own border wall as the Trump admin intended

Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott revealed that Texas will spend $250 million dollars to build it’s own border wall where the Trump administration intended.

“That’s a quarter of a billion dollars,” Abbott said. “It’s more than enough to hire a project manager and contractor to begin building the wall. We are committed to adding more resources as needed going forward.”

During the same conference, Abbott demanded the Biden admin return land taken by the Trump admin to build its own border wall.

“President Biden: Return Texas land to Texas,” he said.

Abbott tweeted moments ago:

Due to Biden’s open border policies, I just announced Texas’ plan to continue securing the border & build the wall.

Here’s how:
➡️ Down payment of $250M
➡️ Hire project manager & contractors
➡️ Begin construction
➡️ Demand Biden return TX land to TX