Border Patrol K-9 Hero to Retire After 10 Years of Service, Helping Seize Over $27 Million in Drugs

With hero dog “Conan” in the news lately being honored by the White House for his work in taking down ISIS leader Baghdadi, another K-9 hero is now in the spotlight.

The Border patrol is planning to retire “Pecky” with honors.

“Pecky’s” accomplishments include seizure of 1,823 lbs of marijuana, 578 lbs of cocaine, 1,403 lbs of meth, 1,018 lbs of heroin. Street value of over 27 million dollars.

Breitbart reports El Centro Sector Border Patrol K-9 agent “Pecky” will retire at the end of November. Her retirement concludes more than ten years of service with the Border Patrol and the interdiction of approximately 2.5 tons of various drugs.

El Centro Sector officials announced the coming retirement of a ten-year veteran K-9 agent. Border Patrol K-9 “Pecky” began her service in September 2009. “Her drive and ability to perform at a high level for many years is appreciated by so many in the El Centro Sector,” Border Patrol officials said in a written statement.

Pecky’s accomplishments include the seizure of 1,823 pounds of marijuana, 578 pounds of cocaine, 1,403 pounds of methamphetamine, and 1,018 pounds of heroin, according to the statement. “These collective seizures have an approximate street value of 27 million dollars,” officials stated.

“These service dogs are invaluable to the agency,” El Centro Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Ryan J. Scudder said. “I can’t express enough how proud we are of our K-9 department.”