Book Titled “How to Beat Trump” By Former MSNBC Reporter a Total Flop

Former MSNBC journalist Mark Halperin was fired by both Showtime and NBC News in October of 2017.

Perhaps attempting a career comeback, Halperin authored a book titled “How to Beat Trump” and claimed to be “America’s top political strategist” on the cover.

The book has thus far been a complete flop, with horrific sales volume.

FreeBeacon reports no one wanted Mark Halperin to write a book. Shunned from public life in 2017 after numerous (ex-)colleagues at ABC News accused him of sexual misconduct, the disgraced pundit’s analysis of the upcoming presidential election was not in particularly high demand. Nevertheless, he persisted, even as the market withheld its consent.

How To Beat Trump: America’s Top Political Strategists On What It Will Take sold just 502 copies in the first week after its publication in late October. For context, Stronger Together, the complete dud of a campaign book coauthored by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in 2016, sold about 3,000 copies in its first week.

The poor sales figures did not come as a surprise. The mere announcement of the book deal Halperin signed with publisher Judith Regan of Regan Arts sparked a backlash from the disgraced pundit’s accusers. Regan, who once tried (unsuccessfully) to publish the eventual bestseller If I Did It by former Buffalo Bills running back O.J. Simpson, was undeterred.

Just about everyone involved in Halperin’s return to public punditry was slammed for it. The more than 75 Democratic strategists who agreed to be interviewed for the book were criticized for “enabling [Halperin] and re-traumatizing the victims.” Some of them, including former Obama adviser David Axelrod, expressed “regret” for participating. Others, such as Joe Biden campaign adviser Anita Dunn, did not.

The preemptive outrage campaign did the trick. Halperin’s debased irrelevancy is such that his critics haven’t even bothered to bombard his new book with negative reviews on Amazon, where How To Beat Trump has just 15 total ratings at the time of writing, most of them positive.

By far the most accurate assessment of Halperin’s book, however, is a short one-star review from Amazon user “EMS,” who notes that “There is nothing in this book you can’t get by watching any number of pundits on the cable shows.”

There really isn’t. You don’t need to read Halperin’s book to learn that Democratic strategists have no idea how they’re going to beat Trump in 2020. They think it will be hard, but not impossible. They’ve learned enough from Hillary Clinton’s traumatic defeat in 2016 to avoid sounding overly confident. Most agree, however, that the Democratic nominee should definitely hire a large team of political strategists to help them win.

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