Bongino Warns Hillary “It’s Time for the REAL Collusion Investigation”

On Friday, in the wake of the recently-submitted Mueller report, conservative pundit and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino stressed the importance of concluding the probe, calling for an investigation into Obama-era officials for “spying on the Trump team.”

“Now it’s time for the REAL collusion investigation,” said Bongino, which he said included “collusion between the Hillary campaign and Russians, and the collusion between the Obama administration and foreign intelligence spying on the Trump team.”

Bongino added, “This is the real scandal,” while bluntly asserting that “There will be no ‘let’s move on'” moment for Democrats and the press, adding, “There’s nowhere to hide, Justice is coming.”

Conservatives on social media overwhelmingly agreed, demanding answers in the aftermath of the lengthy and costly investigation that has continued to grip the nation.