Bond Actor Daniel Craig Refers to Trump as “Cowardly” Says “It’s about humiliating others to save one’s own skin”

In a new interview with GQ, James Bond actor Daniel Craig refers to the “grandstanding” of President Trump as “just F-n cowardly.”

According to GQ, Bond also lumped together President Trump, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and “the generalized hysteria of social media” in assessing that the way the world works now “it’s about humiliating others to save one’s own skin.”

From GQ:

He despairs of the grandstanding of Trump and Boris Johnson and the generalized hysteria of social media—the absence of a certain adult indifference. “But that’s not the way the world works now,” Craig said. “It’s about humiliating others to save one’s own skin. And it’s cowardly, it’s just f*cking cowardly.”

USAToday reports Daniel Craig said it was a challenge to keep traces of President Donald Trump out of the latest James Bond film.

In an interview with GQ, the English actor, 52, said he didn’t want to talk much about real-world affairs but couldn’t help but mention how elements of the president may be seen in the film.

“We struggled to keep Trump out of this film,” Craig told the magazine of “No Time To Die.” “But of course, it is there. It’s always there, whether it’s Trump, or whether it’s Brexit, or whether it’s Russian influence on elections or whatever.”

He continued, “There are British people working in the top industries in the world and at the top of those industries. We do that, and we are good at that. And somehow we’re kind of breaking all that apart. Whether that’s breaking from Europe. … There is a sort of nihilism, isn’t there?”