Bon Jovi Promises Next Album Will Tackle “Politics” and “Gun Control”

Bon Jovi, the band led by Jon Bon Jovi is goin the opposite direction of the advice of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe awards and going political.

Bon Jovi’s new album will tackle issues including “politics” and “gun control.”

Jon Bon Jovi endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 and more recently Cory Booker for President for 2020.

Bon Jovi even made waves by sending a fundraising email for Booker.

“To put it simply, I think Cory Booker is a great man who would do an amazing job in the White House,” Bon Jovi’s wrote. “I’m lucky to call him a friend, and all of us would be lucky to call him our president.”

Rolling Stone reports on Friday, the band shared a music video for the album’s lead single, “Limitless,” in which Bon Jovi soundtrack a revolution from daily monotonous life.

In a press release for Bon Jovi 2020, the band stated that it will address “tough topics such as gun control, veterans’ issues, politics, the meaning of family, and much more.”

Jon Bon Jovi stated, “It encompasses life, love, and loss.”

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