Bombshell Report Reveals UK SPIED On Trump Campaign, Passed Intel To Obama

Conservative News network OAN dropped a bombshell report, alleging that the UK spied on the Trump campaign and then passed the intel to Obama.

President Trump responded to the report in a Wednesday morning tweet.

OAN reporter Jack Posobiec suggested President Trump ask the Queen about this on his upcoming trip to England.

100 Percent Fed Up reported that this morning, OAN (One America News Network) dropped a bombshell video showing details about how the Obama regime spied on the Trump campaign ahead of the 2016 presidential election.  OAN’s Neil McCabe spoke with former CIA and State Department analyst Larry Johnson, who says now that the Mueller report is complete, it’s time to reveal the truth about how the Obama regime dodged the 4th Amendment by having the British government spy on the Trump campaign for them.

Former CIA analyst, Larry Johnson explained how the “Five Eyes Club, ” which includes the intelligence communities in the United States, Canada, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, provide a channel for sharing intelligence. Johnson explained to OAN how the “Five Eyes Club” worked with the highest levels of the US intelligence community to “collect and share information that would not necessarily attract undue attention, but would provide a documentary record that could then be used to justify targeting Donald Trump.”

Larry Johnson points to an MSNBC interview with Evelyn Farkas, a high-level member of the Obama Pentagon, who had an unguarded moment where she unwittingly admitted the Obama administration’s surveillance of the Trump transition team.

The former CIA analyst also explained how Papadopoulos’ emails were intercepted by the UK intelligence and how he was set up by the American intel asset, Joseph Misfud, who told him he could introduce him to Russian president Vladimir Putin. OAN explains, “And the Russian collusion hoax was born.”

Watch the video: