Boebert fires back after David Hogg suggests the capitol is not safe with her inside

Thursday morning, Parkland shooting survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg tweeted:

They can put up all the fencing around the capitol the real threats of @mtgreenee and @laurenboebert will still be inside until @GOPLeader takes a stand.

Boebert fired back, tweeting:

David, please. We all saw how tough you were when questioned face to face.

Give your keyboard a rest, child.

Hogg then replied:

Ha- funny enough last I checked I wasn’t the Congresswomen trying to bully a college student on twitter.

I’ll say the same thing to you I said about your evil twin- if you shoot me you prove my point.

On the same day, Boebert blasted Robinhood, tweeting:

First Big Tech censored conservatives.

Now it appears Big Tech is colluding with Wall Street to bailout hedge funds after private investors beat them at their own game.

Congress should subpoena Robinhood & anyone involved with the GameStop halt & make them explain themselves.