Boebert compares Pelosi unfavorably to Cicadas in DC

Thursday, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) sparked controversy after she compared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unfavorably to cicadas.

“The media needs to quit acting like the cicadas are the worst creatures in DC. I can list several that are worse, starting with the Speaker of the House,” Boebert tweeted.

The same day Boebert wrote “It’s sad to realize that Joe Biden will be less competent than every world leader he will be meeting with. It just bodes awfully for America that this is the guy who will be negotiating on our behalf.”

Boebert also tweeted a video of Biden saying while in England “It’s gorgeous. I don’t want to go home.”

She wrote “Joe, for once you and I are in total agreement. Don’t come home! Enjoy the UK! I really mean it. Have all the fish and chips you want. Follow your heart!”