Rep. Boebert blasts Pelosi, calls her “one of the lowest esteemed women in all of America”

Tuesday, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Twitter.

Boebert tweeted:

Nancy Pelosi isn’t just one of the most unpopular people in Congress.

She’s one of the lowest esteemed women in all of America.

Socialist power grabs will never sit well with our free country.

Don’t let the media fool you!

On the same day, Boebert fired back at political adversaries who had the #LaurenBoebert4Prison hashtag trending on Twitter.

A internal NRCC February survey showed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the most unpopular elected official.

The survey found:

• Nancy Pelosi is the most unpopular elected official in the country, with just a 41% favorable and 52% unfavorable rating, including 45% who are very unfavorable to her.

• In ticket-splitting districts, Pelosi’s image sinks to -20% (38% Fav – 58% Unfav), including 51% who are very unfavorable.

• Pelosi is unpopular with almost every key subgroup outside the Democratic base including Independents (-21%), suburban women (-8%), white college graduates (-7%), Hispanics (-3%), and even union households (-1%).


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