Bob Costas attacks RNC for voices in “stark opposition” to BLM, not expressing “basic sympathy”

Speaking to CNN anchor Jake Tapper, sportscaster Bob Costas attacked the RNC for having voices in “stark opposition” to BLM and not expressing “basic sympathy with the overall issue.”

Costas told Tapper. “People will get on me or us for saying this, but you cannot have a more stark contrast with this happening during the week of the Republican Convention.”

He then explained “And most of those voices there standing not just in sympathy with — you don’t have to agree with everything, you don’t have to agree with the rioting, you don’t have to agree with every assertion made by every NBA player or every person who is with sympathy with the cause of Black Lives Matter.”

“There are legitimate disagreements, but so many of the voices among at the Republican National Convention stand in stark opposition and cannot even bring themselves to express basic sympathy with the overall issue.” he continued.

“Not just to say, ‘Oh yeah, there are one-offs and they’re exceptions,’ No. There’s a systemic problem here and it resonates all the more because it has such historical antecedents. If you can’t acknowledge that, no matter where you fall generally speaking on the political spectrum, I think history has long since left you behind.” Costas added.

The NBA postponed all playoff games Wednesday after the Milwaukee bucks chose to boycott in protest of the Jacob Blake’s shooting.

Reports indicate some players have spoken in support of cancelling the entire seasons.