Bloomberg’s $217 Million in Super Tuesday Ad Spending Dwarfs Rest of Field

A stunning infographic using data from Advertising Analytics LLC shows the staggering amount billionaire Michael Bloomberg has spent on Super Tuesday ads.

Bloomberg has spent roughly 10 times as much as the rest of the field combined.

Marketwatch reports ahead of the Democratic presidential primary’s Super Tuesday voting in 14 states, Mike Bloomberg is well ahead of his rivals in spending on advertising aimed at those states.

The self-funded billionaire contender has shelled out about $217 million on ads for broadcast, cable, digital, radio and satellite networks, according to Advertising Analytics data as of Friday afternoon. Front-runner Bernie Sanders is a distant second with $16 million spent.

Bloomberg’s advantage with ads mirrors his overall big edge with money in the Democratic race. His campaign reported spending more than $400 million in the last round of financial disclosures, well ahead of the Sanders campaign’s outlay of about $123 million and former contender Tom Steyer’s spending of $254 million.