Bloomberg Torched By Jeopardy GOAT After Name Dropping Jennings in Tweet

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who has been struggling in the 2020 race in polling despite spending over $200 million dollars of his personal wealth, has recently adopted a social media strategy of having a team tweet about random popular culture topics.

The official Team Bloomberg account has been tweeting seemingly random musings about Lady Gaga, Meatballs, Nacho dips and Dolphin Telepathy just to name a few.

However, when the team decided to tweet a joke about newly crowned Jeopardy GOAT Ken Jennings, it backfired in their faces.

Right after Jennings’ win and prior to the final CNN DNC debate,

Team Bloomberg tweeted “Remember, tonight’s winner goes on to face defending champion Ken Jennings #DemDebate”

Jennings then brutally burned Team Bloomberg by responding “Remember, defending champion Ken Jennings wants you to vote for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.”


The tweet went viral and was liked by nearly 90k people.

Maybe Team Bloomberg can go back to tweeting about dolphin telepathy now.

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