Bloomberg to host 2,400 events before Super Tuesday, touting “Unmatched Organization”

Will Mike Bloomberg’s massive organization and his blank checks be enough to overcome his widely panned debate performances?

Within a few days we will find out.

According to a new Fox News report, the Bloomberg campaign is about to flex its campaign machine like never before.

Fox News reports Michael Bloomberg’s campaign will host more than 2,400 events across 30 states in a show of force before Super Tuesday, the first time the former mayor’s name will appear on the ballot.

More than 75 Bloomberg surrogates and campaign staffers will fan out across the country starting this weekend in a massive get out the vote effort funded by the billionaire. Bloomberg himself will visit Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama and Texas before Super Tuesday.

Bloomberg joined the Democratic primary late and didn’t compete in the first four early-voting states but instead pumped millions into ad buys and campaign infrastructure across the country. Voters in 14 states will head to the polls on Tuesday in the biggest single vote haul of the campaign so far.

“Our team of thousands of committed volunteers and state staff are spending the days leading up to Super Tuesday connecting with voters in their towns and communities across the U.S.,” said Dan Kanninen, Bloomberg 2020 States Director, in a statement. “Our unmatched organization will be in full display this weekend as we continue to build on our momentum and talk to voters about Mike’s record on critical issues like health care, climate change, and gun violence prevention, and why he is the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump in November.”

Bloomberg’s campaign says it has more than 2,000 staffers around the country and 400 more people at the New York City headquarters.