Bloomberg Supporter Bette Midler Reacts to Him Dropping Out “I wish things had turned out differently”

Bloomberg supporter Bette Midler reacted to the news that Michael Bloomberg has dropped out of the race with a tweet calling the billionaire “a helluva candidate.”

Midler tweeted:

That was a helluva night, and @MikeBloomberg was a helluva candidate. I wish things had turned out differently, but I’m blue thru and thru, and we are all getting behind the Democrat, whoever it turns out to be. #DUMPTHEDODO

Tuesday morning, before any of the “Super Tuesday” results were known Midler declared she was “all in for Mike Bloomberg” on Twitter.

Midler tweeted:

TODAY IS SUPER TUESDAY, as if you didn’t know.
And I am all in for @MikeBloomberg. Rail at me all you want, but I saw New York City go from being down on its knees to standing upright and proud after 9-11. It was a long haul, tough; not without mistakes, but he got it done.

Ironically for Midler, Bloomberg was not mayor at the time of 9/11, Rudy Giuliani was. Bloomberg did not become mayor until months later.

Later in the evening, Midler continued to defend Bloomberg even as Super Tuesday results began to show a bad night for the billionaire.

Midler replied to President Trump and tweeted:

We’ll see about that, . Never count out. He’s smarter than you, richer than you, and has more success and better friends than you, and none of them are in jail, like so many of yours.

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