Bloomberg Polling Numbers FALL Despite Spending Over $155 Million on Ads

Despite an unprecedented, massive $155 million in ad spending, polling for 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg has actually gone down the last few weeks.

The billionaire reached a peak of 5.5% in the RCP average December 8th and has gone downhill since.

Bloomberg currently sits at 4.8% in fifth place behind Biden, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg.

Without an ability to participate in nationally televised debates, Bloomberg’s opportunities to improve his standing beyond ad spend is also limited.

Boston Globe reports Michael Bloomberg spent $155.3 million nationally on political ads in 2019, far outpacing fellow billionaire Tom Steyer and other Democratic presidential candidates gearing up for early caucus and primary contests beginning in February.

Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has bought $136.8 million worth of broadcast television time and $7.7 million on cable, according to data from Advertising Analytics, which tracks political ad spending. He spent an additional $10.8 million on digital ads.

The former New York mayor has spent $70.6 million more than Steyer, who is also relying on his personal fortune to fund his campaign.

Bernie Sanders, the next biggest spender among Democrats, has purchased $19.3 million worth of paid media. President Donald Trump has spent about $30.3 million so far, mostly on digital ads.

Unlike his rivals, Bloomberg isn’t spending in Iowa and New Hampshire, and instead has focused on states holding their nominating contests later in the year.

The campaign has made seven-figure purchases of air time in markets in the delegate-rich states of California, New York, Texas, Illinois and Florida.