Bloomberg Paying 100s of Workers $2,500/Month to Post Positive Things About Him

If you see something nice posted about Bloomberg on social media it might be from a real supporter…or it might be from one of the hundreds of people the campaign is hiring to be “deputy digital organizers.”

Dailymail reports Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is ramping up their social media reach by hiring hundreds of workers in California to post on their personal social media accounts in support of the billionaire.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the campaign is hiring more than 500 ‘deputy digital organizers’ to work 20 to 30 hours a week and receive $2,500 a month.

Those employees will promote Bloomberg through posting about him daily on their social media pages and sending texts each week to everyone in their contact list.

The multi-million dollar effort is launching in California ahead of the March 3 implemented nationwide, sources tell The Wall Street Journal.

This is just one of the exorbitant ways billionaire Bloomberg is using his wealth to further his campaign.

While most campaigns encourage their supporters to post on social media, it is rare that staffers will get paid at such rates to do so.

James Thurber, professor of government at American University, told the WSJ: ‘It’s classic AstroTurf tactics. When you have unlimited resources the way Bloomberg seems to, you can do that.’

These are examples of messages that the Bloomberg campaign suggests supporters send to their friends via OutVote, an app the campaign is paying workers to use

One of the suggested prompts supporting Bloomberg reads: ‘The Fight for Equal Rights Has Been One of the Great Fights of Mike’s Life.’

While another reads: ‘A new national poll confirms that the fastest growing movement is behind Mike Bloomberg.’

The job application, which is publicly available, requires applicants to provide their social media handles.

In addition to social media posts, the staffers may be required to do more traditional tasks like phone banking.

The new employees will use Outvote, an app that allows users to send pre-written texts, post to social media and then send data back to the campaign.

The app, created by  Democratic technology incubator called Higher Ground Labs, also allows users to see if their friends are registered to vote by cross-referencing their contacts with public data.

Bloomberg’s senior national spokesperson Sabrina Singh told The Hill:  ‘We are meeting voters everywhere on any platform that they consume their news.

‘One of the most effective ways of reaching voters is by activating their friends and network to encourage them to support Mike for president.’

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