Bloomberg Blasted for Planning to Skip SC, A State With a Majority of Black Voters

On CBS’s “Face the Nation” Antjuan Seawright blasted Michael Bloomberg for his plan to skip South Carolina if he decides to run.

Antjuan Seawright:

There’s a political scripture that I reference that says the road to heaven and the White House runs through South Carolina. Well he has agreed he will not participate in the South Carolina primary where 61% of the people who will cast their vote are African American, 55% women, most o the states that follow reflect South Carolina.

The latest Morning Consult poll does not look good for Bloomberg’s candidacy.

The poll has Bloomberg running at only 4% nationally among Democrats, putting him in 6th place, behind Kamala Harris.

In addition, Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson discussed a strategy that involves skipping the first 4 primary states, Iowa, New Hampshire, Las Vegas and South Carolina.

This strategy certainly runs a risk of letting the winners of the first 4 primary states build momentum as frontrunner or co-frontrunners.

Some Anti-Trump figures including George Conway and “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski are calling on Michael Bloomberg to buy Fox News.

Politico reports Michael Bloomberg is running at 4 percent nationally as he teases a presidential bid, showing that he’s well known — but widely disliked — by the Democratic electorate, according to a new poll.

No contender is viewed more negatively by Democrats than the billionaire former New York City mayor.

The Morning Consult poll, released Sunday, reflects the enormous challenge confronting Bloomberg as he considers a late entry into the 2020 race. He sits in sixth place, just behind Sen. Kamala Harris of California, and would begin his campaign far outside the top tier.

Nearly 25 percent of likely primary voters view him unfavorably — the highest unfavorable rating in the field — while about 31 percent view him favorably, according to the poll.

In contrast, nearly three-quarters of Democratic primary voters view Joe Biden favorably, compared to about 18 percent who hold an unfavorable opinion of him.

Biden, the former vice president, continues to lead the primary contest nationally, with about 31 percent support. He is followed by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, at about 20 percent and 18 percent, respectively, according to the poll.

And though Bloomberg performs well in a hypothetical matchup against Donald Trump — leading him 43 percent to 37 percent — Biden, Warren and Sanders outpace the Republican president by between 4 percentage points and 6 percentage points, too.

“In terms of he’s running because of me, the last polls I looked at, I’m pretty far ahead,” Biden told reporters in New Hampshire on Friday. “If I’m not mistaken, I’m doing pretty well both relative to Trump and relative to all the people running in the Democratic primary.”

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