BLM protester faces rare “leak” charge after stealing a confidential police doc, showing it on TV

Prosecutors in Iowa have filed a rarely used leak charge against Black Lives Matter protesters accused of stealing a confidential police document and displaying it during a TV news broadcast.

DailyMail reports a Black Lives Matter protester has been accused of stealing a confidential wanted poster and displaying it during a television news broadcast.

The rarely-used leak charge was filed against two protesters, Viet Tran, 21, and Alexandria Dea, 26, after a Des Moines Police Department bulletin was taken from a cop’s back pocked and shown on WOI-TV, according to a complaint.

Unauthorized dissemination of intelligence data is a felony that carries up to five years in prison and the Iowa Judicial Branch says it’s only the second time the charge has been filed since 2010.

It’s intended to punish officers and others who share information that could undermine criminal investigations or violate privacy protections.

Officers and state troopers had the bulletin with them while patrolling a July 1 protest at the Iowa Capitol.

Dea took the intelligence bulletin from an officer’s back pocket during a confrontation between officers and protesters, which began after officers arrested three of the suspects inside the Capitol, the criminal complaint against her alleges.

The bulletin included photos of suspects who were wanted in the destruction of a Des Moines police car during a June 20 protest.

Protesters later gathered at the Polk County Jail to demand the release of those arrested during the clash.