VIDEO: Armed Black Militia Group in Camo Gear Shut Down Traffic for 9 Hours

The Root reports that members of a heavily-armed Black Militia shut down traffic on Massachusetts interstate for nine hours.

The group, “Rise of the Moors,” claims to be based out of Rhode Island and told authorities that they were on their way to a training exercise in Maine.

Per The Root “According to the Herald, Rise of the Moors is based in Rhode Island and is largely made up of Black members. During the standoff, two members of the group held a Moroccan flag, which the Southern Poverty Law Center says is related to some who identify as Moors believing there is a 1787 treaty between the United States and Morocco that grants them immunity from U.S. law.”

“The SPLC goes on to describe Moors as an “offshoot of the anti-government sovereign citizens movement,” which believe that they “get to decided which laws to obey and which to ignore,” the report adds.

However a member of the group said in a YouTube video. “We do not intend to be hostile, we do not intend to be aggressive.” He also claimed to not be “anti-police” or “Black-identity extremists.”


Anardis Rodriguez shared a video and wrote “An armed uniformed man speaking with MSP negotiators in the middle of a standoff on 95 as it’s being live streamed on an IG account for the Moorish Constitutional Convention Committee.”

After the standoff the State Police said they will work with the DA’s Office and “appropriate charges” will be brought against the members of the militia.

State Police Col. Christopher Mason said “You can imagine, 11 armed individuals standing with long guns slung on an interstate highway at two in the morning certainly raises concerns and is not consistent with the firearms laws that we have here in Massachusetts.”