Billionaire who predicted Trump victory in 2016 says he’d “bet against” winning in November

Jeffrey Gundlach, a billionaire investor who predicted correctly that Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 says he’d bet against Biden defeating Trump in November.

In 2016, Gundlach, a bond investor, told a room of 3,000 investors “prepare for a Trump presidency.”

He now believes is well positioned to win yet again, saying during a Q&A session “My base case is actually that Donald Trump will win re-election.”

Gundlach also appears to believe the “shy Trump voter” effect may be skewing polling.

“I think polls are very, very squishy right now because of the highly toxic political environment in which we live,” Gundlach explained.

he then said he’s looked at data suggesting that roughly “two-thirds of conservatives or moderate conservatives say that they have lied about their support for Donald Trump either directly or by omission.”

Gundlach does not believe it will be a smooth ride to victory for Trump, however.

“I just think there’s a lot, a lot of time here. There’s going to be twists and turns,” Gundlach warned.