Bill Maher “There are witnesses who saw” Bill Clinton “on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex island”

During a recent segment of Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher discussed Bill Clinton’s alleged attendance in Jeffrey Epstein’s island, suggested by new unsealed court docs.

Maher said “Let me ask you about Bill Clinton, because this always comes up with the Democrats with every election. What do we do with the Clintons now? There are witnesses who saw him on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex island.”

Maher continued “Obviously, it’s denied. You shake your head like, ‘That’s impossible.’ Bill Clinton, a horny guy, on sex island? Ridiculous! Look, it’s possible.”

Both Clintons are expected to speak at Joe Biden’s virtual convention.

Bill Clinton recently spoke at Rep. Lewis’ funeral. His spokespeople have continued to deny he has been on Jeffrey Epstein’s island, though they admit he has flied on Epstein’ plane on multiple occasions.