Bill Maher rip Dems “woke” election strategies “Your microaggression culture doesn’t play in the Rust Belt”

Bill Maher ripped Democrats pushing “woke” ideology in order to try to win elections.

“I haven’t worked up an official Democratic campaign slogan for 2024 year, but I tell you what I have ruled out is: Vote Democrat Because White People Suck,” Maher said. “It’s like trying to get laid by saying, ‘You’re ugly, want to dance?'”

“I will tonight once again break out my coach hat and try to point the Democrats in the right direction. That’s all I can do — point you in the right direction. I’m like Deepthroat. Because the way this party is running for office is making me gag,” he continued.

“I know liberals this country is full of dumb white people but in our democracy dumb white people make up a substantial portion of the vote. A median voter is a white person in their 50s who didn’t go to college, their favorite TV show is NCIS, and their pronouns are what, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and get away from me,” Maher added.

“Why is the party that supports so many issues that benefit the middle class still considered out of touch by 62% of Americans?” Maher later asked.

“In plain English, nobody likes a snob,” he cotinued. “Hillary Clinton didn’t have anyone on rural research or outreach when she ran in 2016 until the race tightened right before the election, then they hired one. Where was his office? Brooklyn. True story.”

“Politics is local, not locally sourced. It’s not artisan, it’s Art and Stan,” Maher quipped. “Your microaggression culture doesn’t play in the Rust Belt.